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  1. Driving under the influence (DUI) is the offense of driving, operating, or being in control of a vehicle while impaired by alcohol or other drugs (including recreational drugs and those prescribed by physicians), to a level that renders the driver incapable of operating a motor vehicle safely
  2. Driving under the influence (DUI) refers to operating a vehicle while affected by alcohol, drugs, or both. This applies to both legal and illegal drugs, including prescription medication and over-the-counter drugs
  3. This type of aggravated DUI is a Class 4 felony (1-3 years prison). Driving in a school zone (20 mph speed limit on a school day with children present) and being involved in an accident involving bodily harm to another. For this offense, the injury must amount to less than great bodily harm. This is a Class 4 felony offense (1-3 years prison)
  4. al court Tuesday to 15 to 42 months in prison following his conviction on DUI-4, driving without a license and several charges of violating his conditions of release. Erickson pleaded guilty to the charges as part of a plea agreement that called for a contested sentencing hearing
  5. convicted of aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol, other drug or drugs, or intoxicating compound or compounds, or any combination thereof is guilty of a Class 4 felony. (B) A third violation of this Section or a similar provision is a Class 2 felony
  6. Ignition interlock device (IID) An IID is an instrument you blow into before you can start your vehicle. This measures your breath alcohol content (BAC) level

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Email: ignition.interlock@wsp.wa.gov. Phone (206) 720-3018. Fax (206) 720-3246. Write to: Washington State Patrol. Ignition Interlock Program. 811 E. Roanoke St. Seattle, WA 98102. When completed, return only the answer sheet to one of the contact methods outlined above English Definition for Chinese Text. 對 於. Learn more. dui4 yu2. deui3 yu1, yu4. deoi3 jyu1, jyu4. regarding / as far as sth is concerned / with regards to. 反 對. Learn more Chinese Character 对 duì dui4 . This chinese character is pronunced - duì - dui4. Click play to listen to the pronunciation or learn now some chinese words using 对

dui4. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Mandarin Romanization . dui4 (Zhuyin. Ex_Dui4.1系列教程 第一课. 2020易语言E语言最新课程,新手超快速入门易语言E语言 10小时入门易语言必学课程,加两个信息采集小项目

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  1. A 4th DUI offense is a level 6 offense, and a third-degree felony under Florida statute 316.193 (2) (b). Under the scoresheet preparation manual guidelines, a level 6 felony in Florida has 36 points. While this amount is not greater than the 44-point threshold, other points may be added if there are additional offenses, if there is a legal.
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  4. 对牛弹琴 - dui4 niu2 tan2 qin2. This Chengyu literally translates as playing a lute to a cow or metaphorically in English as casting pearls before swine. From my research, this Chengyu comes from 牟子理惑论 (mou2 zi3 li3 huo4 lun4, Master Mou's Treatise Settling Doubts per Wikipedia). The original form of this.
  5. View dui4.docx from BUSI 2013 at Yorkville University. 1 Unit 4 Unit 4 Dalveer Singh Student ID:2018080110 BUSI 2013 Business Decision Analysis Yorkville University Table of Contents 1 Uni
  6. g couplet/pair of lines of verse written vertically down the sides of a doorway/CL:幅 [fu2] 对联 ( 對聯) Pinyin: dui4 hao4. Definition: checkmark/number for verification (serial number, seat number etc)/fig. two things match up

English to Chinese dictionary with Mandarin Pinyin & Handwriting Recognition - learn Chinese faster with MDBG In the DC Universe, organizations come together for many reasons—to protect the planet from super-villain threats, to monitor the super-powered individuals of the world, and to keep humanity's darker nature in check. In the case of the Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination, or H.I.V.E., as it's more commonly known, the goal is simple: to bring together scientists and. duì. to cash to exchange to add (liquid) to blend one of the Eight Trigrams 八卦 [ba1 gua4], symbolizing swamp ☱. 酒 后 驾 驶 Trad. 酒 後 駕 駛. jiǔ hòu jià shǐ. driving under the influence of alcohol ( DUI) 碓. duì. pestle pound with a pestle dui4 bu4 yi3 wei2 ran2object to; do not approve v. 现实. xiàn shí reality / actualit Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Hanes Women's Powershapers Firm Control Run Resist, Nude, Size Medium DUi4 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

Pinyin: cha1 dui4 Definition: to cut in line/to jump a queue/to live on a rural community (during the Cultural Revolution House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took a jab at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Wednesday, calling him Moscow Mitch -- a cutting nickname that recently prompted the Republican leader to take to. Mandarin: ·Pinyin transcription of 對, 对· Pinyin transcription of 兌, 兊, 兑· Pinyin transcription of 怼 Pinyin transcription of 憝 Pinyin transcription of 憞 Pinyin transcription of 懟 Pinyin transcription of 敤 Pinyin transcription of 濧 Pinyin transcription of 濻 Pinyin transcription of 瀩 Pinyin transcription of 碓 Pinyin. (1) The department shall attach or imprint a notation on the driving record of any person restricted under RCW 46.20.720, 46.61.5055, or 10.05.140 stating that the person may operate only a motor vehicle equipped with a functioning ignition interlock device. The department shall determine the person's eligibility for licensing based upon written verification by a company doing business in the.

Another common use of 跟 as a preposition is to make comparisons between two things (when used like this it's the same as 和). This can confuse native English speakers who might expect to use 对, as to is often used to make comparisons in English. In Chinese, though, you say that A and B are different or A is the same with B Dui4 Item Weight 13.1 ounces Package Dimensions 11.97 x 8.94 x 0.63 inches Additional Information. ASIN B08KSJXNBQ Customer Reviews: 3.1 out of 5 stars 3 ratings. 3.1 out of 5 stars Date First Available October 15, 2020 Feedback Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Videos 对不起 Dui4 Bu4 Qi3 Sorry 没关系 Mei2 Guan1 Xi4 It doesn't matter 再见 Zai4 Jian4 Goodbye . Transportation Chinese Character Chinese Pinyin English Meaning 机场 Ji1 Chang3 Airport 火车站 Huo3 Che1 Zhan4 Railway Station 汽车站 Qi4 Che1 Zhan4 Bus Station.

White Sox manager Tony La Russa was charged with driving under the influence in Arizona after he allegedly ran his car into a curb in February, according to court records obtained by ESPN. It is. A woman who drove the wrong way down a 4S Ranch road while drunk, triggering a head-on crash that killed the other motorist, was sentenced Friday to 15 years to life in state prison

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Chinese Phrasebook. The following table contains some of the most important basic Chinese words and phrases. The English meaning, intuitive English pronunciation, pinyin and the Chinese characters are included. Some entries have audio files in the right column to click and play. There are some words and sentences that can be pronounced by the. Chinese proverb 指桑骂槐 zhi3 sang1 mai4 huai2 innuendo / insinuation - How to say He criticizes his opponents by insinuation in Chinese: ta1 (他 pronoun, he) zhi3 (指 verb, point at) sang1 (桑 noun, mulberry tree) ma4 (骂 verb, scold) huai2 (槐 noun, locust tree) de5 (地 a connecting particle usually follows an adverb or adverb phrase and precedes a verb which the adverb. 面对 miànduì to face/confront. Click on each of the traditional charachter above to animate the stroke order

Ignition interlock device means breath alcohol analyzing ignition equipment or other biological or technical device certified in conformance with RCW 43.43.395 and rules adopted by the state patrol and designed to prevent a motor vehicle from being operated by a person who has consumed an alcoholic beverage. [ 2010 c 268 § 1; 2005 c 200 § 1; 1997 c 229 § 9; 1994 c 275 § 23; 1987 c 247 § 3 Explanation: In the other half of the quote, 微微 says, If you see someone being dropped off and have bad thoughts about it, then it's your problem. Once again, we see our pattern 毫无 + [noun]. In this case it is 毫无证据 = to completely lack evidence. My sense is, the sentence structure is 毫无证据 + [verb] = to do something. Generally speaking: if 了 is within a single content word, it should be produnced as liao. if 了 acts as an independent auxiliary word indicating a change of state or introducing a new situation (Verbs have no past tense in Chinese, therefore some auxiliary words would be used to indicate it), it should be produnced as le

Chinese-English New Testament - (Han4 Ying1 Dui4 Zhao4 Xin1 Yue1) - published by the Three Self Government Church in China - brand new translation - available in the U.S. - not to be confused with the Butterfly New Testament (This Butterfly-covered New Testament is a newer combination of the Union translation and simplified script CantoDict: an Online Collaborative Chinese (Cantonese) Dictionary. This page shows, from top to bottom: a large version of the word in a traditional script font which you may need to install: the Cantonese pronunciation of the word in jyutping. Also, CantoDict uses a unique asterisk (*) convention, to show readings such as jyu 4*2.For more information please see CantoDict Tone Conventions Level: 2 Google Frequency: 1,940,000 This term is used in both Cantonese and Mandarin/Standard written Chinese. 派對 : This word has been viewed 3096 times since 30th Oct 2012, was added by aaron on 12th Oct 2004 08:23 and last edited on 30th Oct 2008 19:0 The Lotus was a popular English pop/rock band in Hong Kong in the 1960s. The most notable member was Samuel Hui.. Career. The band along with Roman and the Four Steps was noteworthy for singing in English and often singing British and American songs.. Instruments. Samuel Hui - lead vocal; Danny So (蘇雄) - bass guitar David Cheung (張浚英) - drums; Albert Li (李松江) - rhythm guita

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Exit Full Screen. Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa made a point to let a police officer know he was a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame the night he was arrested and charged with DUI. The. dui4: Korean reading(s) dae: ON reading(s) タイ ツイ : KUN reading(s) あいて こた.える そろ.い つれあ.い なら.ぶ むか.う : Nanori reading(s) つし : English meanings: vis-a-vis; opposite; even; equal; versus; anti-; compar 绝对地址 絕對地址 jue2 dui4 di4 zhi3 absolute address (computing) 绝对高度 絕對高度 jue2 dui4 gao1 du4 absolute temperature 绝对观念 絕對觀念 jue2 dui4 guan1 nian4 absolute idea (in Hegel's philosophy) 绝对连续 絕對連續 jue2 dui4 lian2 xu4 absolutely continuous (math) 绝对零度 絕對零度 jue2 dui4 ling2 du4. The airbag has the space between the passenger and the steering wheel or dashboard and a fraction of a second to work with. Even that tiny amount of space and time is valuable, however, if the system can slow the passenger evenly rather than forcing an abrupt halt to his or her motion dui4 shi4 jie4 shuo1 shen2 me shi4 guang1 ming2 he2 lei3 luo4 Telling the world, what is to be candid and upright, open and honest CHORUS. Leslie Cheung in the movies: A Chinese Ghost Story (1987) - IMDB - Amazon. Rouge (1988) - IMDB - Amazon. Days of Being Wild (1990) - IMDB - Amazon. All's Well, Ends Well (1992) - IMDB - Amazo

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  1. duo1 shao3 de5 ri4 zi3 li3, zong3 shi4 yi2 ge5 ren2 mian4 dui4 zhe5 tian1 kong11 fa1 dai1 In how many days, one person got on trance facing the sky 多少 (how many) 的 (connecting particle) 日子 (days) 里(inside) 总是 (always) 一 (one) 个(measure word) 人 (person) 面对 (face) 着 (aspect particle indicating action in progress.
  2. う うす. English meanings. pestle. Legend: 部首 - radical number, 教育 - school grade level, 画数 - stroke count, 異体字 - variant kanji, 音 - ON reading, 訓 - KUN reading, 名 - name reading, 部 - radical name, 英 - meaning
  3. Li Jing (570-649 AD), Tang Dynasty general and purported author of Duke Li of Wei Answering Emperor Taizong of Tang 唐太宗李衛公問對|唐太宗李卫公问对[Tang2 Tai4 zong1 Li3 Wei4 Gong1 Wen4 dui4], one of the Seven Military Classics of ancient China 武經七書|武经七书[Wu3 jing1 Qi1 shu1
  4. ☱ 2631 lake = dui4 ☲ 2632 fire =li2 ☳ 2633 thunder = zhen4 ☴ 2634 wind = xun4 ☵ 2635 water = kan3 ☶ 2636 mountain = gen4 ☷ 2637 earth = lcuni ☸ 2638 wheel of dharma > ⎈* helm symbol ☹ 2639 white frowning face ☺ 263A white smiling fac
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Sign In. Whoops! There was a problem previewing ListadocaracteresHSK1.xls. Retrying 这本书写的很好。 zhe \\ ben v shu - xie v de - hen v hao v. This book is written excellent. 他经常锻炼,身体很好。 ta - jing - chang / duan \\ lian \\ ,shen - ti v hen v hao v. Benefiting from regular exercises, he performs pretty well in physical body.|过得很好。 guo4 de hen3 hao3 你对我很好。 ni3 dui4 wo3 hen3 hao dui4 tai2 wan1 : towards Taiwan: 对台湾地位: dui4 tai2 wan1 di5 wei4 : towards the status of Taiwan: 尽义务: jin4 yi4 wu4 : to fulfil one's duty: 巴菲特: ba1 fei1 te4 : Warren Buffett (1930-), US billionaire investor and philanthropist (Sage of Omaha), principal owner of holding company Berkshire Hathaway: 布匿战争: bu4 ni4 zhan4. Sat urday, Jun e 19. Omaha, NE, TD Ameritrade Park. All Day (until June 30) Florida Gators Baseball vs College World Series. Eugene, Ore. All Day. Florida Gators Track and Field vs U.S. Olympic Trials. 1:00pm - 3:00pm EDT (10:00am - 12:00pm PDT) Annual Recital Booking Information Name: ADCOX, MICHAEL ALLEN Jail ID: P00131051 Case No: Docket No: Authority Literal: Charge - Level - Charge Literal: Court Date/Time: Court Location: Bail: 62180327 ARREST MADE BY PEACE OFFICER 999 - F - 18720 PC 8/5/2021 8:30:00 AM DEPT 20/Placer Arraignmen

Appearing incoherent and bothered during his DUI arrest, Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa, 76, referred to his Hall of Fame credentials and expressed a mistrust in blood-alcohol-level tests 0:00. /. Live. •. Racing had previously been forbidden in Switzerland for decades, with the last event taking place at the Bremgarten circuit in 1954. However, a law change in 2015 lifted restrictions on fully-electric racing and paved the way for Formula E to bring electrifying wheel-to-wheel action to the streets of Zürich

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  1. Allows you to use DarNified UI for Fallout 3 or New Vegas without editing INI files
  2. * Nội quái là ☱ (||: 兌 dui4) Đoài hay Đầm (澤). * Ngoại quái là ☴ (:|| 巽 xun4) Tốn hay Gió (風). Giải nghĩa: Tín dã. Trung thật. Tín thật, không ngờ vực, có uy tín cho người tin tưởng, tín ngưỡng, ở trong
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  4. 64 quẻ dịch đầy đủ lấy từ cuốn Kinh dịch - Đạo của người quân tử của học giả Nguyễn Hiến Lê. Đây là bản Kinh Dịch được học giả Nguyễn Hiến Lê chú dịch rất công phu

Giải nghĩa quẻ HỎA PHONG ĐỈNH: Định dã. Nung đúc. Đứng được, chậm đứng, trồng, nung nấu, rèn luyện, vững chắc, ước hẹn. Luyện dược thành đơn chi tượng: tượng luyện thuốc thành linh đan, có rèn luyện mới nên người. Kết hợp quẻ này vào cung vợ chồng là tốt. ※同じ謝罪の中国語でも对不起(dui4 bu4 qi3)や抱歉(bao4 qian4)は、自分側に過失があった場合で本当に悪いことをした際に使う。日本語の「すみません」や「申し訳ございません」との区別とは大幅に違う

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Wait for you in the car - Mandarin Bean 。,,,,:, M: Dui4 le! Ni3 mei2 ban4fa. M: Ok, time to look at what we said. S: 曼丽,你买了哪种票? That's easy. ML, you bought what kind of ticket? ni3 mai3 le nei3 zhong3 piao4? M: And note the measure word for ticket, it's zhang1. 我买了一张硬座票,一张软卧票 wo3 mai3 le yi4 zhang1 ying4zuo4 piao4, yi4 zhang1 ruan3 wo4 piao4 Alcohol DUI and DWI Deferment Programs in Colorado If you have been pulled over and arrested for a drinking and driving offense in Colorado there are a few things that you can do to help stay out of jail and hopefully, avoid a life-changing DUI conviction dou1-both dui4-for ci3-DET xi3xun4-good news xing4fen4-happy bu4yi3-very Yesterday, the couple were very excited about this good news. 1122. Since the existence of covert subjects and covert objects is a common phenomenon in Chinese syntactic structure, i

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ge4 fang1 cheng2 huang2 lai2 dui4 hao4 bao4 shi4 ling2 tong2 cha2 de0qing1 三官大帝慈悲註 赦罪三曹救眾生 san1 guan1 da4 di4 ci2 bei1 zhu4 she4 zui4 san1 cao2 jiu4 zhong4 sheng1 救苦天尊來救世 親點文部揭諦神 jiu4 ku3 tian1 zun1 lai2 jiu4 shi4 qin1 dian3 wen2 bu4 jie1 di4 shen2. dui4 : 对队兑敦碓憝怼镦-dun1 : 吨敦蹲墩礅镦-dun3 : 盹趸. 第8页. dun4 : 顿盾钝炖遁沌囤砘-duo1 : 多咄哆掇裰. duo2 : 度夺踱铎. duo3 : 朵躲垛哚缍. duo4 : 舵堕跺剁惰垛驮沲柁-e1 : 阿婀屙. e2 : 额俄哦鹅娥峨蛾讹莪锇. e3 : 恶. e4 : 恶饿扼愕遏噩呃厄鄂轭颚鳄谔锷萼腭垩鹗苊阏. 在搭載 Android 6.0 以上版本的裝置或 Chromebook 上安裝 Google Play 應用程式時,你可以決定要讓應用程式存取哪些功能或資訊 (也就是所謂的「權限」)。舉 魂の友 is one of a few ways to write Soul Mates in Japanese. The first Kanji means soul, spirit, ghost, immortal soul, the mind, or conscious mind. From Sanskrit it's Vijñāna. The middle character is a Japanese Hiragana connecting or possessive article that links the two ideas together. The last Kanji means friends or friendship

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DUI4: If I could, I would discontinue the use of Qzone. Appendix B. Chinese survey. Recommended articles Citing articles (0) References. E. Åhsberg. Perceived Fatigue Related to Work. University of Stockholm (1998) Google Scholar. E. Åhsberg. Dimensions of fatigue in different working populations Chinese Language Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for students, teachers, and linguists wanting to discuss the finer points of the Chinese language dui4 100 Cards Preview Flashcards 301 400. 301-400 Sample Cards: gu4 ke4, gu4 shi4, gu4 yi4 100 Cards Preview Flashcards 401 500. 401-500 Sample Cards: ji4 jie2, ji4 ran2, ji4 shu4 100 Cards Preview Flashcards 501 600. 501-600 Sample Cards: ke4, ke4 ren2, ken3 ding4 100 Cards Preview Flashcards 601 700 The tables below list the phonemes and levels of stress available for each language that supports the <phoneme> SSML tag. You can use the table of contents at the right of this page to navigate to your language. For more information on using the <phoneme> SSML tag, see the SSML reference (Beta) documentation

In most countries, a project for the development of an urban area has to obey zoning regulations. In France, such zoning regulations are specified in local urban planning schemes (LUPS or PLU in French) defining the right to build at the scale of Introduction In the Chinese language, simple numerals cannot quantify a noun by itself; instead, the language relies on what are known as measure words or, to a lesser extent, classifiers.There are two types of such classifiers, nominal and verbal, with the latter being used in quantifying verbs and the amount of time which they take precedence (3) Ta1 -3.SG.M dui4 -for zhe4 -DET ge4 -CL chong1man3 - full of nong2hou4 -dense ai4yi4 -love de -DE xiang3fa3 - idea gao1xing4 -happy de -DE shou3wu3zu2dao3 -flourish . He was very happy about this loving idea . (4) Zhe4 -DET ci4 -CL yan3chu1 -performance de -POS 12 我 wo3 对 dui4 你们 ni3men5 说 shuo1 地上 di4shang4 的 de5 事 shi4 , 你 ni3 门 men2 尚且 shang4qie3 不 bu4 信 xin4 , 若 ruo4 说 shuo1 天上 tian1shang4 的 de5 事 shi4 , 如何 ru2he2 能 neng2 信 xin4 呢 ne5 。 13 除了 chu2le5 从 cong2 天 tian1 降 jiang4 下 xia4 仍旧 reng2jiu4 在 zai4 天 tian1 的 de5. Quẻ Địa Trạch Lâm, đồ hình ||:::: còn gọi là quẻ Lâm (臨 lin2), là quẻ thứ 19 trong Kinh Dịch . Nội quái là ☱ (||: 兌 dui4) Đoài hay Đầm (澤). Ngoại quái là ☷ (::: 坤 kun1) Khôn hay Đất (地). Giải nghĩa: Đại dã. Bao quản. Việc lớn, người lớn, cha nuôi, vú nuôi, giáo học.

dui4 d uei4: dui5 d uei5: dun1 d ue1 n: dun2 d ue2 n: dun3 d ue3 n: dun4 d ue4 n: dun5 d ue5 n: duo1 d uo1: duo2 d uo2: duo3 d uo3: duo4 d uo4: duo5 d uo5: e1 e1: e2 e2: e3 e3: e4 e4: e5 e5: ei1 ei1: ei2 ei2: ei3 ei3: ei4 ei4: en1 e1 n: en2 e2 n: en3 e3 n: en4 e4 n: en5 e5 n: eng1 e1 ng: eng2 e2 ng: eng3 e3 ng: eng4 e4 ng: eng5 e5 ng: er1 e1 r. Data munging is the practice of taking data from one format and converting it into another format programmatically.Data munging is extremely important for working with logs and esoteric data formats. It's a useful skill from basic systems automation to more specific fields like GIS or even financial positions. We're going to cover the basics of how to approach data munging, how to look at. 禾 (grain, he2) + 兌 (to hand over, dui4). Peasants in old China traditionally paid their taxes in grain. Hand over the grain. STRAIGHT (zhi2). The written form of this character usually has just a straight line at the bottom, unlike the printed form shown at left with a 90 degree angle in the bottom line DuI4 oL it1 onigi0al I4anDv :4e rnorent 0od oLLen1 a lange itI4e0 ci0i0g nooDh Iounte1 oL t4e Iunne0t od0en1 ceIi1io0 to neDose t4e cisici0g dall betdee0 t4e1e nooD1v:4e itI4e0 i1 IoDrletec dit4 built i0 eLL arrlia0Ie1 t4at i0Iluce a 1i0gle ose0 a0c a couble ose0v :4e i0cuItio0 4ob i1 al1o eLLh a1 i1 t4e ci14da14env :4ene i1 al1o a built i

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对 (對) dui4 = ต่อ, กับ. 他 对 人很热情。 他 對 人很熱情 。 Ta1 dui4 ren2 hen3 re4jing2 彼は人 に対して とても親切です。 เขาใจดี ต่อ ผู้คน 9. 为 (為) wei4 = เพื่อ ใช้ชี้เป้าหมายหรือวัตถุประสงค์. 我. old variant of 和[he2] [] surname He / Japanese (food, clothes etc) [] and / together with / with / sum / union / peace / harmony / Taiwan pr. [han4] when it means and or with [] to compose a poem in reply (to sb's poem) using the same rhyme sequence / to join in the singing / to chime in with others [] to complete a set in mahjong or playing card dui4 U+4DFA. K. HEXAGRAM FOR DISPERSION F. huàn huan4 U+4DFB. l. HEXAGRAM FOR LIMITATION < jié jie2 U+4DFC. L. HEXAGRAM FOR INNER TRUTH zhøngfú zhong1fu2 U+4DFD. s. HEXAGRAM FOR SMALL PREPONDERANCE Å. xiçogu® xiao3guo4 U+4DFE ' HEXAGRAM FOR AFTER COMPLETION Ê {j¬j¬ ji4ji4 U+4DFF? HEXAGRAM FOR BEFORE COMPLETION Ï {wèij¬ wei4ji4. このページの最終更新日時は 2018年7月5日 (木) 15:42 です。 テキストはクリエイティブ・コモンズ 表示-継承ライセンスのもとで利用できます。 追加の条件が適用される場合があります

chan2 rao4 suo3 you3 dui4 ni3 de5 juan4 lian4 zhong1 yu2 zhao3 dao4 suo3 you3 liu2 lang4 de5 zhong1 dian3 ni3 wei2 xiao4 jiu4 shu1 le5 pi2 juan4 qian1 wan4 bu2 yao4 shuo1 tian1 chang2 di4 jiu3 mian3 de5 ni3 jue2 de5 wo3 bu4 qie1 shi2 ji4 xiang3 duo1 mo5 jian3 dan1 jiu4 duo1 mo5 jian3 dan1 rang4 wo3 da4 sheng1 de5 dui4 ni3 shuo1 I m thinking of. 适合坐在奶茶店的背景音乐. 吴神烦 2016-11-05 创建. 播放 (542) (12) 下载 ( 2) 标签: 下午茶 放松 轻音乐. 介绍: 一杯热茶,聆听美好音乐 分享好心情~. 推荐随机播放,希望每首旋律都能让你愉快~ 对~不负一切责任: dui4~bu4fu4yi1qie4ze2ren4 (~に对していっさいの)责任を负わない; 对-乙氧苯氨基甲烷磺酸钠: ネブラアルテェイン; 寸隙: すんげき1 0 寸 隙 【名】 一点点空隙; 寸陰: すんいん 0 寸 陰 【名】 寸

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21-03 Dui4 140013 so65.5 14,-- // h 18-04 Dui - 160025-04 15 1/4 go 64 16,-- // h 25-04 D 4 1800 5 1/2 go 7105-05 Sni 1,90 Lakeside/April Wine/A Million Dreams (IRE) c 22-05 Dui 5 2050 10 go 67 31,-- //Amaranto (GER) h 25-05 2 Miraz (IRE) 61,5 (7) Stasz Kool -4, 963 名無しステーション 2021/06/29(火) 17:24:30.21 ID:dui4+uAY0NIKU 裾から頭突っ込んでやりたい衣装だな 964 名無しステーション 2021/06/29(火) 17:24:35.82 ID:U5gIgT2/0NIK

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对顶角 對頂角 dui4 ding3 jiao3 angle to the vertical; angle (between two lines or two planes) 对流层顶 對流層頂 dui4 liu2 ceng2 ding3 tropopause; top of troposphere 方顶 方頂 fang1 ding3 square roof 房顶 房頂 fang2 ding3 housetop; roof 封顶 封頂 feng1 ding dui4 couple/pair/to be opposite/to oppose/to face/for/to/correct (answer)/to answer/to reply/to direct (towards sth)/right 生 sheng1 to be born/to give birth/life/to gro


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